Monday, April 27, 2009

Cine-must: It's all gone (for) Pete Tong but thank fuck, Berlin('s) Calling...

UK film productions always had the upper hand in portraying the
contemporary clubbing scene on the big screen. Much of what is known
to define this movement has happened in the island so they have a big
share of the pie on that. It's all gone Pete Tong, (Trainspoting),
Human Traffic, 24 Hour Party People, and a bunch of other smaller
productions drew quite some attention in recent years. However the
truth remains that Germans had the final say on how electronic music
should sound like. They pointed new directions of soundscapes to be
explored when everybody was trying capitalise on what was musically
booming / mainstream. Berlin Calling is a German production that
accounts the current trends and turn offs of a life as an
internationally known DJ. It's not referring back to the history of
electronic music but instead it gives us a glimpse of what is happening
right now. It does so pretty well I think. Have a look for yourselves.

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