Saturday, December 6, 2008


my words will never become a book
never take part in fears
my words have power derived from the damned
from all those chosen ones

all it took was just a nothing promised look
and my words become my sacred book
besieged in slate
and all my words revere my hate

talk to me about my words
do they fall in disguise
or do they stand crying in torpid

no copyright here, use/alter/inspire without asking


Panos D. said...

Telika o Aiosforos apodikniete oti prosferei perissoterh empneush apo ton Theouli. Gamw to katihitko tous gamw...ola lathos mas ta eipane.

Satan_My_Lord said...

νομίζω πάντως οτι περισσότερη έμπνευση προσφέρει η παναγίτσα, για το λόγου το αληθές τσέκαρε το τραγούδι #170 στο σατάνικ πανδεμόνιουμ

here it is!

Satan_My_Lord said...