Friday, November 21, 2008

satanic drugs from the outer space

local poets invited satan to enrich this fantastic blog with music sounds and such invitations are hard to refuse...they certainly don't know into what mess are getting into!

Satan presents DJ Bootsie here, the outstanding "the silent partner" album.
Dj Bootsie hails from Hungary, by the way I have recently indulged in quite interesting hungarian music like Katai Tamas, VHK, Thy Catafalque and some others not rememberable in this lovely morning.
If I were to tag this album I would say that it is very close to trip-hop. There are some amazing downtempo tracks, like "horseriders towards the abyss" which is my favorite one..I laso enjoy "tango ronin"

The album is fully streamable at , enjoy the tunes
or get it here



Epidemic said...

"Sword Removed" is the answer
The album is THE revival of Cut and Paste...a never ending genre of music that keeps reinventing itself...Satan bless u for bringing it up...


Satan_My_Lord said...

thank you priest...I think I know know what "Cut and Paste" really is!