Tuesday, March 3, 2009

satan is tuned with rock blues of the desert

and when we say desert, we mean the ultimate desert, the great Sahara, place of the glorius Tuareg people

Tinariwen is a tuareg music group, quite famous and they are playing strange electric music, a bit of rock,blues, tradiotional tuareg music in their own wonderful language....here it is their best album, "Amassakoul"...........enjoy


Maria del Mar said...

Hi, Satan!!!!! Thank you for the information of people Tuareg. I love them. There is a very goog book, called "Tuareg". The author is Manuel Vazquez Figueroa. Is very famous, you can met it in english, I´m sure. If you read this book I´m sure you won´t repent. Bye.

Panos D. said...

I got the Aman Iman album, but I am sure they have realised better than this one. Their music must sound a lot more natural in their native enviroment -desert- than in a recording studio. A good intro to this kind of music though

Satan_My_Lord said...

this is their best one Pano....maria thanx for the info, but I am a lousy reader