Friday, March 13, 2009

Different Music 4 Indifferent Times: When we parted my heart wanted to die

"When we parted my heart wanted to die"
After "The Death of Rave" comes...what? The Death of V/VM?
An ending, a transition, a change for the better...? Let's hope so.
From the Artist (Possibly) Formerly Known As V/VM - who created some of the year's (and the one before's) most compelling music as The Stranger, The Caretaker, etc - comes "When we parted my heart wanted to die" by Leyland James Kirby.
It's every bit as wonderful as you might expect.
A return to Ambient's roots, I guess - hints of Eno and Harold Budd hover over the proceedings, but with a distinct post-millennial hauntological twist.
The accompanying film is amazing - an endless parallax'd view of Berlin streets from a walker's point of view, double-exposed, blurry, granulated...shifting in and out of focus with itself as we walk an endless streetscape, accompanied only by the sound of our own perpetual heartbreak. It's incredibly simple, but devastatingly effective and intensely personal, invoking a sense of profound emotional dislocation.
And still the walker walks on and on and on and on...never stopping....through superimposed street scenes, their multiple points-of-view creating a set of new imaginary thoroughfares thru which the walker drifts..."all in a dream...all in a dream..."
I hope James doesn't mind me quoting him, but he says: "...that video is about walking the same streets for months, with hangovers, with girls, with friends, in the rain, sleet, snow, sunshine and heat... all the time the ground beneath you is not solid, but fluid... it's about lost hopes and dreams and then finding new dreams and new hopes. It's an ending of a period of time and the beginning of another."
Bloody marvellous. [brainwashed]

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