Tuesday, February 3, 2009


i was following a car with a smile on the trunk
and it brought me to a place where all faces were drunk
and i keep on drinking from this broth
i keep on dancing on insanity songs
keep on following this untouchable car
still enlarging my shame day by day
forever remain in that cloister

i am now following a child with a flower in the heart
she had stolen that from the garden of delights
found myself deep in these bottoms
six times and still no sense
since resting days close by
befriended with sadness and fate
can bear up the night
but cannot put up with the light

i am now being followed by a lone man
a single shadow behind a thousand cries
i want to kill him in a dream
and bury him when i am alive

use/alter/inspire without permission, no copyright here
anyone is allowed to put music in these


Panos D. said...

It's the man in Black...

Panos D. said...

Ok I might got it wrong here but a man following somebody is not necessarily a bad thing even if he is not dressed in Black.

Satan_My_Lord said...

hey panos, I don't see anywhere a man in black...where is he?