Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cinemust: the poet William Blake in Jim Jarmusch's DEAD MAN

William Blake, the great poet appears within Johny Depp's persona in this surreal western set in ugly landscapes full of brutal, disgraced and violent people. I want to draw your attention to the words of Depp in this very scene. He repeats that throughout the film.

PS 1: Another memorable appearance is that of Robert Mitchum as Mr Dick, the owner of the town called Machine in which his factory is based. This is a must see film, and must have soundtrack by Neil Young, in my opinion.

P.S 2: Jarmusch got the 3rd price with this film in Cannes that year (1995), 1st was Kusturica with Underground and 2nd Theo Angelopoulos with Ulysses's Gaze.

*Cinemust is a rush of filmic sequences striped from their original context. The idea behind it is to reveal details that otherwise would maybe pass unnoticed.

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