Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Sandman

*video by Rich Ragsdale*

(And a few words...)
A short film done in the style of a german expressionist silent film. It is meant to illustrate Freud's theory of "the uncanny" which is based on ETA Hoffmann's short story "the Sandman". It is a work in progress.

The music is both from public domain recordings of classical music on wax cylinders and some of my own music.
Originally it was created as a portion of a documentary feature on sex dolls and the men who love them. It was created to set up a section on the idea of THE UNCANNY.

The final version of this is currently making festival rounds right now, including the Short Film Corner in Cannes, and the Nashville international Film Festival

Basically it is the story of when a man loves an android.


Panos D. said...

Poly Kalo. An vreis kai to teliko filmaki pou einai sta festival sthle to link.

Sad Peter Pan said...

geia sou Pano!
an to brw 8a steilw!