Tuesday, December 9, 2008


taken from lydia

Saturday 6/12/2008. 21:00pm The Past

We are in the area of Athens,Greece,called Exarchia,a very well known area for it's conflicts,between The Police and the anarchical.
On that night those anarchical were protesting violently,against he Government,against the hunger,against the poverty.Maybe someone will think that this is not a way to protest but what can one say?Every Person finds his way to express his anger.

A 15 year old boy,called Alexander Grigoropoulos,was on his way to his mother's jewllery store,in order to go home with her.He was passing by that area during this revolutional actions.Maybe he got over excited-he was 15,for God's sake.He joind the anarchicals,calling them names and throwing things.Some seconds later,a Police Car arrived and two Officers from the National Guard got out off it.Vasilis Saraliotis age of 31,and Epaminondas Korkoneas age of 37.One of them,Epaminondas Korkoneas,started a conflict with the young boy.He took out his gun,pointed it at the boy and fired two times.One of the bullets got the boy on the chest and got through his heart.All the protesters run close to his body,yelling "He is dead.They killed me".Some people were crying,some other were in great shock.The two Police Officers insead of healping,they just run away.Cause it's always like that.When you do something wrong,you never have the guts to face the fact or the consequences of your acts.There are always two paths.The easy one and the hard one.And unfortunatelly the 90% choose the easy one.

On the next day,the officer said he was not shouting at the boy,but on the air and that the bullet had been ostracized.After the forensic reasearch and from what the witnesses said,it came out that he officer shout directly at the kid.


This is how it works today.People cheat on each other,do their best to hurt the other person's feelings,simply because they are hurt and they don't want to feel like they are the only one,or even worse cause they have nothing better to do with their miserable fucking lifes.The rish take advandage of the week and the poor,the Government do their best for their own benefit.The Government gives to the Police Officers guns and bbullets and by doing that it's like saying to them "Go ahead,hunt the poor and the working class,take your globs and hit the students who protest for the best way of life it's possible.Fire your guns at 15 years old kids.
Goddamn it does anyone have an answer for that mother,that lost her angel so suddenly?

Tuesday 9/12/2008 15:30pm ...The Present.
Now I am writting this message,the family and the friends of Alexander Grigoropoulos are about to see their beloved child,grandchild,friend,classmate...for the last time.But who is here to give the answers we need so desperately?Who is here to change this sorrow?


Someone needs to give some answers.In order to live like descent people and not like trash.This must start first from inside of us.We need to be good to ourselves and then to each other.We need to fight for our rights.Cause we have rights.
We have the right to have a descent life.To have a roof above out heads,to have something to eat,to have a job.We should not accsept this anymore.Living like animals in the streets,working like slaves for a piece of bread and wait until we are very old to get the pension we diserve,which of course is very low to cover our needs.

Capitalism has it's roots very deep in the political ground.Simply cause people are so brain washed,by the Media that they can't see long enough.
Give to Greeks some commersials about cars,banks and mobile phones,give them a plate of food,a club to dance like maniacs on Saturday night aand football on Sunday and they are happy.That's my thoughts.


**/**/**** * : * The Future.

Things are getting really serious and unless we start fighting for ourselves and for eachother,things are going to get much ,much worse.Everyone has his life in his hands and as a conclusion,everyone has every person's life in his hands.So the answer that lies within is what are we really ready to do.Are we going to close our eyes to all that or are we going to fight.

It's up to you.
It's up to us.


Panos D. said...

I predict a riot.

In fact we have already witnessed 3 nights of merciless riots. But when I say riot(s) i don't refer to the brainless vandals who prove themselves 'Heroes' taking as an excuse the lose of ones life just like it is happening in this very instance. It is more than just the material aspect of it. I mean psycoriots, mentalriots, riots that demolish moral and ethical values of the world you didn't chose to be born in. Riots that revive small civil wars that will eventually give birth to excuses for greater wars. The endless war of self destruction...


Be safe and make always sure you keep a wet towel in your bag to avoid the effect of teargases.

intifada said...

βασικα μια μικρη διευκρινηση:
την νυχτα που δολοφονηθηκε ο Αλεξης δεν ειχε προγραμματιστει καμια πορεια ή διαμαρτυρια ειτε απο τον αντιεξουσιαστικο ειτε απο καποιον αλλο χωρο. δεν εγινε καμια επιθεση στο περιπολικο με μολωτοφ και καδρονια. υπηρξε μονο μια λεκτικη διαμαχη (ανταλλαγη βρισιων) αναμεσα σε καποια παιδια που βρισκονταν στην μεσολογγιου και στους μπατσους οι οποιοι περασαν με το περιπολικο και στην συναχεια εφυγαν. επεστρεψαν σε λιγο πεζοι και προκαλεσαν τα παιδια που βρισκοταν εκει(μαρτυρες λενε οτι ειπαν: τωρα θα δειτε τσογλανια και κατι αλλο παρομοιο το οποιο ειχε λογοκριθει με μπιπ) καποια απο τα παιδια πλησιασαν και μετα εγινε οτι εγινε (νομιζω πως ολοι εχουμε καταλαβει την αληθεια)
τελος παντων, ο Αλεξης δεν ηταν αναρχικος απ' οσο μπορω να συμπερανω, ηταν ομως αμφισβητιας. η παρεα του ερχονταν στα εξαρχεια εδω κι ενα χρονο και ισως να μην ανηκαν στον αναρχικο χωρο (κατα πασα πιθανοτητα), αλλα μαλλον συμφωνουσαν με καποιες ιδεες που προβαλλει ο χωρος αυτος οπως πχ. αντισταση στην μπατσοκρατια.
δεν θελουμε να καπηλευτουμε τον Αλεξη ως προσωπικοτητα απλα πιστευουμε οτι η παρουσιαση του ως αθωου κι απονηρευτου παιδιου που απλα ετυχε να περναει απο εκει αποτελει προσβολη στην μνημη του και στην νοημοσυνη του.

παντα με ανατρεπτικες προθεσεις
μια περιπου συνομηλικη του Αλεξη.