Monday, October 6, 2008

Answers and Reasons

I saw and I believed that this fucking meeting would not be a wild flower.
In my mind I’ve done good things but in real I’ve done better.
Have you ever done good things and never wondered why?
Cause my mind is an open door with nothing inside…
How is it possible that me and my self is always falling and drowning in the ocean.
Water I hope will accept me as I am.
Water will forgive me for I ever done.
Your voice is mockingbird.
Cause you only scream at night
Some hold tight and some burn.
You can’t kill what’s already dead,but I don’t blame you for trying it.
Morning morning morning you can’t wake up.
Just dreaming of what could have been….
It doesn’t matter anyway cause this is another day.
I can kill what I miss the most.
I remember your face,but it’s been long long long time since I saw you.
I remember your face and I adore you.

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